Your Financial Security is OUR PRIORITY!

Be Aware of Fraudulent Calls, Emails, or Text Messages!

Fraudsters can impersonate any phone number, including those appearing to be from Credit Union of the Rockies. Please remember, we will never contact you unsolicited to request your sensitive account info, card numbers, mobile wallet PIN, ATM PIN, or other personal identification information. If someone claiming to be a CUR representative asks you for this information, please disregard the text message or call and hang up immediately. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of any CUR communication or the security of your accounts, please contact us at 303-273-5200,, or stop by any CUR branch location.

Credit Union of the Rockies is committed to protecting our members. Here you will find some great tips on identity theft prevention, and what to do about it if you are a victim.To protect yourself from fraudsters trying to access your credit union account, be suspicious of any calls, texts, or emails that:

  • Asks for your personal, confidential information. This includes your online banking username, password, one-time passcodes, Social Security number, account/member number, debit or credit card number, PIN, or CVV.
  • Uses scare tactics or claims to be "urgent", requiring you to act immediately to avoid disaster or account lockout.
  • Asks you to change your online/mobile banking credentials or transfer money via a link in the message.

Providing your online banking credentials could give fraudsters the ability to move your money elsewhere. If you are unsure about a phone call or message claiming to be from CUR, suspect you may be a victim of fraud, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us right away.