Become a Member

At a bank you have an account; at a credit union you become partial owner of the financial institution. Ownership of your finances is the crucial difference between banking and joining a credit union and every individual with an account has a voice and a vote in electing board members to represent the diverse, unique needs of our mountain communities.

Any person who lives or works in following counties is eligible for membership with Credit Union of the Rockies:

  • Clear Creek County
  • Eagle County
  • Gilpin County
  • Grand County
  • Jefferson County
  • Summit County

Family members (related by blood, marriage, or adoption) of those eligible in those counties are also entitled to membership. Family members are defined as, but not limited to an uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin, life partner, etc.

Employment with one of our Community Partners is also an avenue to membership. A Community Partner is a business who would like to offer their employees the benefit of joining our Credit Union. This benefit is free for any business to offer. The application to become a Community Partner is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. If you would like more information about adding Credit Union of the Rockies as a benefit for your employees, contact us.

For more specific questions relating to qualifying for membership please e-mail or call us at 303-273-5200.

Become a Member