Visa Card Reissue FAQ


Why am I receving a Visa card instead of a Mastercard?

To offer more benefits and features that our membership has been asking for, we have decided to transition to Visa cards instead of the current Mastercard.

When will I receive my replacement card?

Cards will be mailed beginning TBD. Most cards are received within 7-10 business days from the date of order. 

What happens if I do not receive my new Visa card(s)?

If you do not receive your card by the week of February 14th, please contact the credit union at 303.273.5200, or so that we can check the status of your card.

What if I don't want my current Mastercard to be blocked?

Credit Union of the Rockies will require your current Mastercard(s) to be blocked due to our upcoming transition to Visa.

Will I receive a new PIN number?

Yes. When you call to activiate your new Visa card(s) you will be asked to select your PIN number.

Will the new Visa card(s) have the same number as my old card?

No. You should contact any merchants you have pre-authorized payments set up with upon receipt of your new card. This process may be as simple as logging into the merchant's website and updating the information, or you may need to contact them by phone to let them know of the new card number and expiration date.

What if I accidentally destroy my new Visa card?

Please contact the credit union at 303.273.5200, toll free (800) 344.9385, or by email at so we can order you a new card.

When will my current Mastercard(s) stop working?

Your current card will stop working on TBD. Please destroy your old card immediately upon activation of your new card. 

Why do I see more than one card in my online banking and mobile app?

You will see all cards until your Mastercard(s) is cancelled or automatically stops working on TBD.

When will my points transfer?

Your current ScoreCard Rewards will transfer to your new Visa card. All of your existing points earned up tp 12/31/2021 will transfer to your new Visa credit card and will be viewable on your March 2022 statement.

How do I view my rewards?

Starting TBD you are able to view your rewards online or through mobile banking and also at